Thursday, 26 June 2014

The decision has been made.

I met my new car last Friday and my driving has improved greatly within a matter of days. I was a bit rusty after not driving for nearly two years but according to my insurance, I'm driving well! It's a great little car, it starts every time, barely any rust and despite being ten years old, everyone has commented on how it looks brand new and well looked after. That could be slightly to do with all the work we've done on it; we washed it, pumped the tyres, sprayed the bumpers and cleaned the inside really thoroughly but I was still really proud of it before we did all the work on it.

I drove to college for the first time yesterday, it took nearly an hour and it was only my third time driving alone, the other two times were driving to my boyfriend's house which is literally down the road. My driving percentage was 77% on the way there, 80% on the way back which is great!

Now in terms of my job, I've had shifts thrown at me almost every day which I can't complain about but it's a bit scary seeing as I haven't done one proper shift alone yet. I'm going out later this evening with one woman just to shadow so I can meet another service user that I will be working with. I went out on the weekend with my mum to help an old lady with her TV and we were only there for 5 minutes but I made just under five pound.

I start on Saturday but they've given me 18 hours next week, not including the extra shifts my boss is throwing at me so it's all quite daunting. I hope I can do this job. I have never had a job like it in which I'm completely alone throughout the whole shift; I'm used to working in a team with my managers/bosses around to talk to if need be. Thankfully, my mother works for the same company and she's been working there for 20 years so she's my guide and I can ring her whenever I need help. Without her, I'd never consider doing this job.

I hope everything goes well on Saturday and on every shift to come.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Life's changing.

So my life is changing from your average college student who doesn't have a care in the world (apart from assignments) to a college student with a car and a job! When I get home from an empty day of college tomorrow, I will have my first little car on the driveway. I'm practically going bankrupt to get this car with the help of my parents financially, but I'll be paying them back when I can. I never thought they'd ever help pay for it but my new job as a carer pays so well that I can pay for the insurance and petrol with some money left over each month.

I got my rota today for next Saturday and they've given me 8.5 hours which is great but I'm really nervous. The nerves are taking over my excitement over the car. My parents and boyfriend seem more excited than me and it's weird - I thought I'd be more excited than I am. I've waited years for this moment and it's coming true tomorrow, but I think this is my strategy to avoid disappointment. I usually numb my emotions if disappointment/pain is possible/inevitable.
My excitement has died down because I was let down after we travelled for an hour to see a lovely car but it was sold 20 minutes before we got there. It ruined my day, I got myself so excited. Then we saw another but I didn't get it because it wasn't the best quality but I tried to tone down my excitement whilst we were going there. I guess whenever I think about the car, I relate it to the neverending amount of work I'll have to do and it makes me feel so tired and also the fact that there could be expensive faults that arise with the car or god forbid, I crash it! I hope the love of my car outweighs the work load and it's all worth it and I don't let down my parents.

There's just so much that I could lose from this decision. It's either do it and do it for at least a year or don't do it and not have any money or a car or responsibility. The part I like about this all is that I have more of a life, more responsibility. I hate just being a college student, I feel like the rest of the immature 16 year olds but getting a car and a job changes all that for me. I'd feel much more like an adult for the first time in my life, but maybe I shouldn't be so excited about that.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Can you stop staring at him?

I've randomly thought about this situation which has happened a few times which is pretty bizarre - to me anyway so I thought I'd share it.

It mainly happens on the bus. Me and my boyfriend will be sitting on the bus together and a girl will sit directly opposite us, despite being many other available seats. Then they proceed to, not subtly, look over and stare at my boyfriend. They either constantly turn their head, lean forward a bit and look at him or they just stare for a while, then look away. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting closer to the girl or not, whether I look her right in the eyes or not, she'll still stare back! They've stared at him so intently before that they didn't notice me looking right at them.

I always thought it was a rude and odd thing to stare at someone who's sitting next to you but some girls can't help themselves. I know they find him attractive, (who doesn't?) but I think that's a bit far and strange. My boyfriend notices it and he thinks it's odd. I always want to say something but I'm not confident/witty enough. I wish I could say something like, "excuse me, I know he's attractive, but he's not a piece of artwork you can stare at". Maybe next time, I'll make loud jokes to my boyfriend (we normally do when dealing with odd people) so she can hear and maybe that'd help pick their jaws up from the ground and stop them from drooling!