Friday, 24 July 2015


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Friday, 17 July 2015


I went on a date today. Well I didn't consider it a date, until he said "isn't this the best date you've ever had?" sarcastically as we entered a car park. I don't like assuming it's a date, just in case the guy goes, "woah, this is just a friendly thing!" That'd be awkward.

This guy liked me when he was with his ex girlfriend (my friend). I could tell and when they broke up, he'd end up contacting me but now they've totally broke up, he's contacted me. I was interested in him when I first saw him, when he was with his girlfriend but we respected the relationship. The guy is super laid back and it probably didn't help that he was a bit hungover and really tired. We spoke openly about relationships and he asked some interesting questions that stumped me, like "what do you think the meaning of relationships are at our age?". He seems to be socially intelligent, but not intelligent in other things, no offence to him. I don't seem to find the bright ones! How he spoke about people and their actions kind of surprised me, in a good way.

He's very honest which I like. He told me he found my feet attractive and I joked about him having foot fetish which he denied. Then we went to that car park alone and I had a feeling he wanted to kiss me. He then said, "I'm going to say something that's weird" and he was really uncertain about whether to say it but I coaxed it out of him and he said, "I really want to kiss you. I wanted to on the beach but I didn't know how you'd react." I didn't know what to say, but I thought it was cute. I eventually said that there's no rush for that, that this is the first proper time we've met and that I usually kiss guys later on. I prefer a kiss to be more natural and unexpected. I said we'll see how the day goes. I never felt awkward with him though. Later on, he said he likes long kisses which I could tell.

He then sat behind me and I played with his feet and he asked if I was ticklish (cliché guy move, haha!). Then he pulled me up to sit on his lap but I couldn't because of the position he was sitting in and then he went in for the kiss when I turned around. That was nice. I giggled, I usually do with first kisses. It was nice though, it was a lovely day. We kissed a couple more times. He had his hand on my leg the whole time we were in the cinema, which I liked, so we're already comfortable. I think my relaxed attitude calms people so they open up quicker and we get comfortable sooner. I don't expect people to act perfect when I first meet them and I act entirely myself so they do too.

I'm still not sure, not really about him, but more about me. I didn't feel that instant connection and I'm still unsure of whether I'm ready to date but I'm just going to take things slow, let things develop. He did make me genuinely laugh a few times (I can't remember what they were over though!) which is a plus. He seems to have a bit of OCD about certain things but it's quite cute, nothing majorly bad or weird. I think it adds character. He said he was an odd one.

He was polite, yet relaxed. Like he burped, which I didn't care about and he apologised and then we talked about burping! He asked if it was okay if he used his phone, he didn't want to come across as rude. He kept saying it was nice to meet me and that he'd had a lovely day. He checked to see if I was home safe too. He does seem like a nice guy (but they all do at first). I'm still fairly cautious about the whole thing though. We have to keep it a bit quiet though because he broke up with my friend 3 weeks ago for good. They haven't spoken since then but I don't want to upset her. She's on my facebook and we get along well, I think she's lovely and I know how it feels to see a recent ex with someone new. So I've asked the guy to keep it quiet out of respect for her. If things lead into more, then we'll eventually make it public.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

"Basic" Tattoos

I came across a website months ago, which basically showed a load of common tattoos and brandished them "basic white girl tattoos". I liked some of the tattoos, even if they were common ("basic") and I would like to have something similar. It got me thinking though, who has the right to negatively judge and categorise these tattoos? They may be common but they're all slightly different on each woman and their meanings may be unique and the reasonings behind getting the tattoo are definitely unique. If it makes the wearer happy and empowered, then why should it be knocked down? I want a tattoo which could be considered "basic", but it has a couple personal meanings triggered by things that happened in my life. Seeing this negative view on these kinds of tattoos has dissuaded me from getting it, even though it may benefit me in the long run due to the meaning. I would hate to get the tattoo and someone laugh at it, saying it's so basic. My current tattoo isn't common, but the meaning and its presence has helped me when I've suffered severe depressive episodes, reminding me that my mum is there always and I will always have at least one person who loves me.

We shouldn't be hating on people's tattoos (unless it's a nazi/KKK symbol). Let them wear it with pride and show their personality and beliefs through their tattoos.